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A Cool Monday Morning; Beware

By – Okeke Nkirika

A cool Monday morning, the weather lingered as though it was waiting for sister Susan to leave for work. “mummy, I will be late ” goes the little voice from inside. Susan continued mummering. According to her schedule she was to take little Cynthia to school to meet up for work at 8.00am. “mummy “cried the little lady again…..
“Please pardon my lateness, I was…. I took Cynthia to school and….. The traffic was bad.” Lilian looked into her face, she responded with a nod knowing fully well that all is not well. Susan strange attitude to work was a clear indication that something is wrong. During launch that afternoon, Lilian went to know what the matter was. “thanks for your concern but am very ok” “and you want me to believe…. I have observed since morning. First you were late for work, and next you are not as cheerful as use to…. Miss you can’t tell me nothing is wrong “. Susan looked at Lilian with a smile. ” fake smile…. Completely fake. You can talk to me, tell me anything.”Susan gave a deep breath and responded “I don’t like insult in this life”. Lilian pays adequate attention looking into Susan’s eyes. “is it not Grace….the way she carries herself about is beyond normal… Who does she even think she is? what has she attended that have not been attended by someone…. Is it because of the promotion ….infact I don’t understand ” she walks around In anger and fall back into the office chair close to her. “Are you sure you are

awake? Susan this is Grace we are talking about here or I am picturing the wrong person? Tell me what she has done wrong “. “Lilian you will not understand…the other time she saw me, not even a hi as usual because she is the assistant manager…… ” “shut up this minute…… Grace is the nicest person I had ever come across… so humble, hardworking and responsible….i think this qualities gave her the honour of the assistant manager “. “rubbish!!! ” Susan exclaimed
“I sense jealousy ” “for what? What does she have that I should be jealous over…she is not married, I am, I have kids and….. ” “enough ” shouted Lilian. “listen to me, this is jealousy. Jealousy is a state of extreme hatred for someone due to the person’s possession. You are simply jealous of her. If you are not,then explain the reason for all this. Tell me the genesis of it. It takes two to tangle but when one person becomes the auther and finisher, it is jealousy. ” Susan was silent as Lilian continued “jealousy is deadly. It has led people to take decisions that they can’t control, it propels men to do things in the wrong way. It has lead men to their early grave. Imagine you are here killing yourself over someone that has her absolute peace…… ” “Lilian please it’s almost end of launch, can we talk of other things “….
……”Doctor, I don’t know what happened. The car ended up hitting her down but stopped thereafter” “well there was no serious injury but you must be careful the next time.. You can go with her today”. That incident happened two weeks after. The next hour Susan received a call from the office requiring her t run down immediately.
…”Mrs Susan, we have known you for diligence and accountability but this time around the reverse is the case. Here are lost contracts in your care ..please may I know the problem… If not for Grace the assistant manager, you would have been fired”.
……”Susan please stop crying,” Lilian tried consoling her.. “you almost lost your daughter and job and here you are wanting to loose your mind ” “…i f not for Grace…. Did you hear the M. D say that? Apart from that, she came to meet me concerning my daughter’s health “. “Thank God you understand now… Jealousy only gives birth to enemity if the other party picks it up”.
All of this is geared towards the need to avoid jealousy.it is of no value. It bring down a man to an unexpected height. It destroys friends and retards growth. Rather than being jealous of a person, admire the person and work towards building yourself to that height even greater,i in love not in hatred. Get one thing “Jealousy is a deadly poison that kills slowly”. Beware!

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