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Common Misunderstanding

By – Kayode Ipadeola


Most times, a woman often mistakenly assumes that if a man is the right man for her, he will know what she wants and will automatically consider her needs and do the things she loves to show that he cares. When he doesn’t fulfill this unrealistic expectation, then she becomes unnecessarily frustrated and discouraged.

Let’s take this- a woman will make the mistake of demonstrating her interest by asking a man a lot of questions. As he talks she continues to listen patiently. She assumes that if she listens with great interest, he will be more interested in her. Although this is true for females, but not true for males. The more a man talks, the more interested he becomes in what he is talking about. For a man to become more interested in a woman, she needs to do more of the talking and authentically share herself in a positive manner. Because a woman’s willingness to “share all” is actually a complement to the man. It is obviously a sign of trust, goodwill, and friendship.

When a woman dwells on negative feelings or problems in her life, instead of valuing her willingness to share openly, a man mistakenly assumes that she is difficult to please. Just as a woman is attracted to a man who shows interest in her, a man is attracted to a woman who clearly can be pleased. When she appears to be difficult to please, he may easily become turned off.

Correcting these mistakes


To create the ideal opportunity to experience the best a man has to offer and for a woman to experience the best a man has to offer and for a man to experience her best, a woman needs to be careful she has to constantly share the positive side of her life and avoid dwelling on negative experiences. Conversations should be light, not heavy, focused on current events in the world and in thief lives, but discussed in a positive manner.

This does not imply in any way that she should be fake. Authenticity is what makes anyone attractive. Everyone has a positive and negative side, everyone has ups and downs, and everyone has a needy side and also an autonomous side. When a lady put her best foot forward it means she’s sharing her most positive side, her up side, and her autonomous side. Which means she can share the other part later on.


To make the best impression and to get to know someone most effectively, it is important that we first get a chance to know the positive side. It is always the best to focus on putting first our best self. After getting to know our best sides, then we are ready to deal with the less positive sides of who we are.


Later on we experience the challenges that come up in any relationship, we are much more capable of being accepting and understanding. Too much intimacy, too quickly, can cause women to become over glued to men. They also might become needy which obviously makes men pull away. Just as men have a tendency to rush into physical intimacy, women make the mistake of rushing into complete emotional intimacy.

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  1. well done Mentor.

  2. Sup Kay, nice piece. seriously you should write more on relationships. you hardly write about it.

  3. Well hit. You’ve made some points. Well done!

  4. I needed this sire. Thanks. God bless

  5. Truth. Brilliant piece.

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