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By – Okeke Nkorika


Cleanliness is an act of being neat. It is a perpetual act taken to ensure that things which includes the body, environment, home, office, belongings and surrounding; to mention but a few are well taken care of in orderliness.

When men say “cleanliness is next to godliness ” ,it should not be a mere word used to create an environment or continue an argument; it is a reality because cleanliness is not achieved out of negligence. It is not something that comes by chance. Cleanliness is a perpetual act, a very conscious activity just as godliness. I think I would love to share on godliness soon but now let’s face and deal with cleanliness…

Perpetual, it talks more of being fully aware, out of consciousness. Cleanliness is not majored on do’s and don’t, it is a careful arrangement of something. Careful arrangement of yourself and every other thing. You will agree with me that it is not nature that you should take your bath…. There is definitely no response in your system if you decide not to brush your teeth in the morning. Hence it is not something that come by nature but a plan made and carried out by the involved.

A careless man can never be a clean man. Quote me anywhere anytime. Knowing that half obedience is no obedience. So, for those who wash the outside cup but the inside is nasty, you have not yet started the Journey of cleanliness. Learn to be careful with yourself and environs, then being clean will not be an issue because you will be the one to tell yourself that that “I am dirty”.

I am writing to you not as a novice but as one who have experienced the other page and struggled to attain cleanliness. I can assure you that it is never a matter of do this and don’t do that, so if you were looking forward to that, it’s time you wake up and face reality. It’s time to be careful with yourself because you can only do what is right when you discover that the one you are doing is wrong. Make being clean a conscious activity. Be aware that you are dressing your bed, be aware that you don’t litter the surrounding, be aware that you clean your body, nails and environment.

Cleanliness is not by accident, it is a deliberate act.

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