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Chapter Twenty Four

By – Jennifer Ifeoma Ugboh


When I was a little girl I always looked to 24 as the year. For me, there is so much significance to this number particularly when counting in terms of age. I have no idea why I thought 24 would be significant I just knew it would. It seemed like 24 would be the year I would be happy, career popping, I would be in love; I knew I wasnt going to be married as I never had dreams of marrying young but I just knew I would be generally happy. This is the year Ive been waiting on for as long as I can remember. It used to seem like the future, and now its finally here and I realize Im still looking forward to the future. Its like one day you are 14 and planning for someday and quietly without you noticing someday is today

I have been so trapped in dogma or what is called the Destination Syndrome waiting to finish high school and get into college. Waiting to finish college to begin a career; waiting till Im 24 to finally find the one and be happy. My life is just one big bowl of tepid water, very boring, highly predictable and mostly in black and white. So my New Year resolution is very simple. I have resolved to start LIVING. Living in bright vivid Technicolor, I have decided to explore every part of my personality to be brave, kind, adventurous and be intentionally present.

So in honor of Living and my 24th, here are 24 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME:

  1. I love God; my faith is a big part of who I am. I trust God with, fully trusting no questions asked. He is the core of my existence its that simple.
  2. My family (I have quite a lot of em) is my most prized possession. I am incredibly caring and loving with my family and friends. Fiercely loyal and protective of them
  3. I am esoteric; I keep my circle very small. It takes a lot to be able to get into that circle, but once you are in, you are in.
  4. I am a control freak, I am not very open, and I am super independent. I do not know how to ask for help from anybody mostly because I hate being disappointed and I hate the feeling of helplessness that comes with being dependent. But Im learning and trying to be more open.
  5. I dont like animals. I am PETRIFIED especially of dogs no matter how small.
  6. I HATE Figures, numbers, charts, table not my thing.
  7. I am not a girlie girl or a tom boy. Im awkwardly somewhere in between.
  8. I am very SENSITIVE and emotional. I cry a lot. Anything can bring tears to my eyes (anger, happiness. Sorrow, frustration, and despair, movies, music, cartoons) I really cant explain it.
  9. On the outside, I seem tough but on the inside I am all mush.
  10. I am constantly being misjudged. Most people think Im a snub.
  11. I am incredibly real and brutally honest. There are no airs with me; I simply dont know how to fake it.
  12. I am an AWKWARD INTROVERT. Selectively so.
  13. I am a HOPELESS ROMANTIC. Chick flicks, Rom-com and anything love stirs my heart strings.
  14. I hate LARGE CROWDS. Too many people in one place make me anxious. I often joke that I will run away from my wedding if there is a crowd.
  15. I hate loud arrogant egocentric people.
  16. I love being on my own its insane. Being around people stresses me out; I enjoy my SOLITUDE in a way that is probably not healthy for me.
  17. I am very deep. Im an OLD SOUL trapped in the body of a 24 year old.
  18. Connecting with someone MENTALLY, having deep talks and intellectually stimulating conversations are one of my favorite things to do.
  19. I hate rainy season and harmattan periods. I have a TERRIBLE CASE OF ALLERGIES that stays with me permanently; the cold weather makes it worse.
  20. My favorite food is GARRI (not eba, ijebu garri to be precise), I also love rice in all its forms (jollof, fried, white) and fufu or pounded yam.
  21. I do not have a favorite color. Well maybe blue or black, or white, or yellow, or teal or peach. I dont know, I do know its not pink though,
  22. My idea of a perfect day is me in bed, curled up with my headphones on with either a book or any of my never ending lists of television series.
  24. I am an ENIGMA. I am convinced I have issues that run deeper than the surface, I am saving up to visit a therapist to help me figure out my issues. But in the meantime, I am doing my best to figure me out.

If you know me, comment below anything about me, your observations will go a long way in helping me figure out my issues.


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  1. First of all, happy 24th, I wish you the best in all your years. I don’t know you so I can’t say about you, but with what you’ve listed so far I can deduce a great personality beneath all the fuss. You might not need that therapist after all, maybe just a lot of money. It’s not easy to identify oneself as you’ve done especially given the age, most people would rather delude themselves. Well done with this one, I wish you the best, grow and shine. Cheers.

  2. Happpy belated birthday dearie…You have a pretty good personality,you are way too independent(miss independent),You are also a great giver…I hope you find love pretty soon and live happily ever after*Winks*

  3. You are an amazing soul. With an immense love for your circle. Lovely write up by the way.

  4. Awww! I like you.

  5. Nice Baby Girl, Happy 24th

  6. Happy 24th dear. It’s an eye opener for me because I known you for about 5years now but I haven’t had a close relationship with you. However, from the outside people can misjugde you just like you said. I admire your zeal to constantly improve on your self.. Continue to be you. You’ll excel

  7. Jennifer,, I know u

  8. Jayne Jenny
    Higher u I pray

  9. I like your great sense of humor and effort towards self investment.

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