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Chapter 11; Hello Sweet November

By – Jennifer Ifeoma Ugboh


Hello guys, happy new month. And we are here, only one month away from wrapping up the year 2017, I know it feels surreal. I have been in a reflective mood for the past three weeks asking myself where the days went as well.

How has the year been for you?

Was 2017 a good one?

Did you get the job?

Did you get that promotion you have been praying for?

Did you get that admission into the university?

Did the money in your bank account triple?

Did you get the guy/girl?

What do you have to show for the 10 months that have gone by?

If you are like me; a highly driven and success hungry person, then these questions (and more) are what you would be asking yourself as the year draws to an end. We are all so caught up in measuring our success by material yardstick that we lose sight of our baby steps and the little victories.

Like I shared last week, this has been a crazy year, and I was having a full on meltdown at how I have seemingly wasted my days without anything substantial to show for it. It took the discerning eyes of a friend to make me realize how much stuff I have accomplished and how much I have handled over the past couple of months. Only then did I take a step back, which caused me to see things with clearer and fresher eyes.

My advice to you this sweet November is to pause, take a breather, and look at things with clear eyes. Yes, you might be stuck in that dead end job, you might still be broke, the year has probably a big flop, but trust me when I say if you look closely you will find that you have made some sort of progress no matter how little. Those little wins all come together for a greater good.

We live in a generation where you have to flaunt your success for it be valid. Social media and the internet fuel this craze but darling, you do not need that kind of pressure. Shut it down. Shut down the rule that says you always have to be on the up and up for it to appear like you are making success. Shuit it down. Dont let the internet rush you, you are strong, intelligent, and ambitious there is no limit to what you can do.

It might not appear so at the moment, but you have your whole life ahead of you to figure it all out. Keep putting in the hard work, keep working in silence, I guarantee that one day, you will look back on this time and you will realize why life had to test you this way.

Here is wishing you a sweet November, and hoping you do yourself a favor by taking a breather every once in a while. XOXO

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