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Myefiko Motivationals

This is a section where you read short articles that can help lift your spirit.

Take It Slow So You Dont Trip


By – Peter Lois We all know the old fable about the slow and steady tortoise that became successful, against the faster Hare, that eventually lost and failed. You know, the problem with some of those tales we were told as children is that, they were more interesting as long …

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Perfection vs Uniqueness; Self-Love


By – Nneoma Blessyn If some people were asked to describe themselves they would point out the good things, even using hyperboles that they strongly believe. They have confidence, they have high self-esteem but I had none of that. As a matter of fact, all I had were wishes. Wishes of how I …

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Let The Fruits Tell The Tale


By – Peter Lois That sodden moment when your experience doesn’t tally with your level of knowledge and giftedness. That moment of haziness where you feel like a lone voice in a very busy and noisy world. When you’re yelling so loud to be noticed but no one seems to …

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I Waited Forever; Please Dont!

Don't wait

By – Nneoma Blessyn The best advice anyone at this point in my life, who has learned from the best and cruelest of all teachers,  experience,  can give you is to stop waiting. No time but now is ever good enough. You are never ready until you get out and …

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Perfection vs Persistence


By – Peter Lois Long before i mustered the courage to start writing, i always knew there was a writer somewhere within. But to call out this hidden ability, it took a whole lot than it requires to summon ones genie. I didn’t deem myself fit to go with the …

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