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Myefiko Motivationals

This is a section where you read short articles that can help lift your spirit.

Choosing A Friend


By – Peter Lois The whole concept of friendship is as important as anything else in your life, if not as important as your life! This is because, your friends make or break you. They have a major influence on your outlook on life; how you think, feel, behave and …

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Do You Really Want To Succeed

What Do You Need to Succeed?

By – Peter Lois Life all by itself is scripted. The unwritten choice of success we have to abide by, otherwise, we run the risk of failure. And funny a thing, failure as we know it, is relative. What you label failure, might be different for me. Seeing that the …

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The Right Attitude; Our Future


By – Peter Lois FAMILY Some six years ago, in the renowned Abia State University Uturu. I had a regular route to school. Yes, it’s somewhat lonely by mid morning, but of course, that’s when laziness and the hassles of living off camp allowed me go to school. On that …

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Ignorance Is Not An Excuse


By – Peter Lois This is going to be a bit comical… You must have heard this comedy. Nonso was traveling to the US with his uncle, Mr Ibu. They had boarded the business class. After sometime, the air hostess went around collecting people’s order. When she came to them, …

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Passion Is Not Enough


By – Peter Lois I have never forgotten this life lesson i learned from a bully named Ngozika. A brawl ensued in school between my class (SS2) and a senior class (SS3). Ordinarily by the schools rule and regulation, we were/are to respect our seniors. But that particular period, we …

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Degree Of Persistence


By – Peter Lois In life, nothing is birth without process! The pregnant woman goes through a process of gestation for nine months. A child goes through different growth processes till maturity. The trees and virtually every other thing accordingly. And if this is certainly true, hence the need for …

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