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This is a section where you read short articles that can help lift your spirit.

Don’t You Dare Give Up

motivational phrase, don't give up, handwritten with white chalk on a blackboard

By – Uchechi Iroakazi We ladies go through a lot to look great ooo. From making sure our eyebrow is nike. Haba give us some credit joor. Is not easy to be a face artist. lol. So last week, my friend Sandra went crazy about squats; a routine exercise that …

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Beyond My Ability


By – Joyce Paulsen Hey guys, it’s another beautiful week. It’s been a mixed experience for me already. Monday was really a great day; I achieved so much at the office but today was quite different. I spent most of my time staring at the workload on my desk with …

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Take Responsibility


By – Joyce Paulsen As a young girl, the word ‘POOR’ was defined to me as Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly. We live in a world where people see and accept their circumstances and situations as fate and not as their responsibility. This has birthed the victim mindset in a lot …

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The Real Deal


By – Crystal Chinonye I have finally come to realise that there are no secrets to success, there are just habits and those habits are what I call the real deal. Few years back, I was stuck, I watched people go about their daily activities, happy and fulfilled at what …

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Its My Personality; I Cant Change It


By – Lois Peters IT’S MY PERSONALITY, I CAN’T CHANGE IT! Some months back, I wrote an article about a young girl who grew up saying, “it’s my personality, that is who I am and I cannot change it”, whenever she is asked why she does what she does. Yesterday …

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Gossip; How To Avoid It


By – Lois Peters I had my first and worst experiences of this last year. I gossiped about a friend. Yeah right, I’m not perfect but I know better now. The worst of it was not just that I talked about a close buddy to another person but that i …

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Automating Inspiration


By – Peters Lois As a budding writer, it was somewhat difficult to maintain a certain pace and consistency in writing. I tried all I could to maintain the flow of inspiration, but all to no avail. Just like money, you can’t hold unto it by grabbing it but by …

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Vision Boarding


By – Peters Lois As a young girl with aspiration and dreams, I made one silly mistake that had the potency of cutting short my dreams and making me revolve around a particular point for too long. But thank God, I was able to break the jinx and straddle now, …

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