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Myefiko Christmas Campaign: We Have A Winner!


It’s been a Fantastic Holiday! I am sure we all can agree to that. So once upon a December,  Linda Ibeh Emerges winner of Myefiko’s first Christmas Campaign and goes home with a huge Christmas Hamper. With her captivating story, she attracted the highest number of likes and replies. The …

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The Widening Gyre


By – Martins Akodo The tradition of Christmas never seems to get old-fashioned, the season alone makes everyone come alive regardless of religion. I have witnessed a lot of Christmas seasons and have identified the uniqueness in each of them which is the yardstick that makes the Christmas of each …

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5 Things To Do Over The Holiday


By – Peace Popoola It is easy to slip into the lazy mode and go through the sleep-eat-sleep cycle during the holidays. To be fair, you’ve worked hard all semester and you desperately need to grab some extended hours of somnolence under the sheets. But instead of whiling away all …

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Take Life Little By Little

By – Lois Peters Nobody wants to start small and that’s the problem… “No matter how visionary you get, the outworking’s of your vision would never start out on the planes you’ve envisioned.” I’ve had the opportunity to listen to people my age and beyond rant about their dissatisfaction in …

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2016 Curtain Calls


By – Andrew Mejire Etoh Ladies and gentlemen in spite of the economic recession,  and the number of challenges we have all had to deal with,  I think it’s safe to say, “Christmas was awesome!” not because I indulged in some thrill seeking activity,  or any of the activities I …

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Following The Plan


By – Blessing Ijama It was indeed an amazing Christmas celebration and  I thought it wise to leave some encouraging words with you this week. One thing have come to love about New Years is that it affords us the opportunity to do some sober reflections.  That’s the time most …

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Still In The Spirit Of Christmas


By – Joyce Paulsen Last week, we shared some of our past Christmas experiences; some very happy and hilarious experiences we have had in the past but I really think that this has been one of my most exciting Christmas. Well, I came home on the 25th of December and …

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Gratitude List

By – Uchechi Iroakazi Have you ever been around people who always complain? Jesus! They never seem to have enough to complain about. They see the wrong in everything. They look drained of joy and peace. Well, there was a time I got caught up in the complaining fever. I …

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By – Linda Ibeh Random thoughts Have you ever imagined why a structure as important as the head is supported by an organ so small and so fragile like the neck? HOLIDAY is a trap. Which rest? Which enjoyment? I’ve been doing one years’ worth of cleaning. I’ve washed curtains …

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Loose And Let Go


By – Crystal Chinonye Thinking about year, it dawned on me how much mistakes, how much I’ve been hurt, how many times I’ve been betrayed, countless times I soaked my pillow in tears, how much I’ve learned, how much I’ve grown and how far I had come.  We all have …

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