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Believe (1)

By – Suleiman Murkthar That awkward moment when you seem to believe that everything that you stand for seems to be falling apart, all hopes shattered, all space seem void. You begin to wonder if life is worth living anymore, how long do you have to keep waiting or how …

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Our Wasted Time


By – Peters Lois An advice to fellow 9-5ers! Usually, I’ll start with a story in trying to buttress my point. But this will be different… Reading an issue online, it was cited that one estimate in a year, Nigerian workers will “steal” close to $160 million from their employers …

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Dealing With Extreme Emotions


By – Linda Ibeh So this is life yes? Emotions are a huge part of our everyday life and activities. From the point you wake up till we go to sleep and even in dreams, emotions haunt us. So why not address it, why not talk about it seeing as …

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Reproductive Health; Cervical Cancer


By – Andrew Mejire Etoh Cervical cancer is one of the most dreaded cases of cancer in Nigeria and now a focal point for public health experts especially in the area of reproductive health in women. Cervical cancer occurs mostly in women over 30. It occurs when abnormal cells on …

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Analog Hour


By – Jameelah Yusuf A lot of us must have seen this meme about a person going to unplug his phone In a viewing centre packed with people watching the finals of a football season and then he disrupts the connection. The meme ends with “you know how your mum …

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Starting Small


By – Pleasure Chizoba Kate was a beautiful little athlete. Since the day she was born, she had wanted to be a high jumping athlete just like her mother and everyday she would pester her mother to be allowed to jump. Eventually, Kate’s mum decided that she was big enough …

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Why W Do The Things We Do


By – Crystal Chinonye Growing up, I was programmed to believe that the best I could be was the best in my class nothing more, for a long time I operated on this knowledge. Becoming the best in the society, contributing to the good of the society and the world …

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Old Man Steve

old man writing

By – Suleiman Murkthar The world was silent. The wind crept in through the window, sheepishly, cold and swift. Slicing through ones skin with such ease. There was no sun, there will be no sun today, even the sun has hushed in it’s shinny brightness. Clouds crept in slowly and …

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There’s No Growth Without A Playtime


By – Lois Peters I know a lot of people; business men and women who set goals on acquiring new cars, getting promotions, having a certain amount of money in the bank, getting one educational degree or the other, living in a certain residence, having a particular kind of gadget, …

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By – Pleasure Chizoba In the pursuit of success, resourcefulness is an important trait to possess. Resourcefulness is a mindset, and is especially relevant when the goals you have set are difficult to achieve or you cannot envision a clear path to get to where you desire to go. An …

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