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A Recipe For Disaster


By – Kayode Ipadeola I look at relationships this days and all I can do is shake my head.. Ladies have been a key contributor to sudden ending of an affair. They have been the thief robbing themselves of happiness in a relationship and their own cause of constant heartbreak …

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Award Shows

Stage fright

By – Richard Dappa For a second lets talk about award shows, I want us to think about it for a second, why pick people who have been outstanding in a field and call all but one a loser. It’s funny as I am not the only one publicly complaining …

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Free-up Your Mental Space


By – Uchechi Iroakazi Above all things, guard your heart. For out of it flows forth the issues of life. The bible Your mind is like a garden. Whatever you plant in it, grows and yield fruits. If you want yummy fruits, then you might want to consider the quality …

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Where There Is A Will; There Is A Way


By – Odey Emmanuel Determination is the vehicle that drives people to destinations their feet would not take them. It is the architect that builds houses on water. A heart that seems eager to fly when everyone wants to crawl. It is the heart that sees success when every one …

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Whats The Gain?

start now

By – Joyce Paulsen Early hours of this morning, we were awoken by the cry of one of our room mates who have been sick. She was vomiting and was in serious pain. Oh goodness, it was pretty difficult to keep awake especially because of the stress I had gone …

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Instincts: Your Natural Armour


By – Linda Ibeh I made series of logical decisions this past weekend that turned out to be wrong. I had the right answers the second I had to make a decision but after careful considerations, I decided that the other decision was a better, safer option and then I …

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Of Second Chances & Reformation


By – Jamylah Yusuf A lot of times I wonder what people who are now referred to as criminals looked like when they were babies. I am talking about the hardened criminals. The ones who have murdered people, the rapists, the kidnappers, the terrorists. Were they once some tiny helpless …

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Where The Sun Shines


By – Sulieman Murkthar There’s nothing normal about your everyday. The sun may rise from the south and goes off in the east. Its almost as though the heavens, the trees and most times even the sun was out to get you. Your sun was hot, it didn’t come with …

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The Purpose Within


By – Kayode Ipadeola Your actions have the power to alter the future of the entire world. Do I have a purpose? Why was I even created? What’s my calling? What am I supposed to do? Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions – I bet you have. …

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