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Achieving Your 2018 Goals


By – Lois Peters Couple of days to the end of the year, I watched a motivational video that taught me a few good lessons to start my 2018 on the right path. Amidst the things I learnt, I was quite impressed as to how eloquently and with so much …

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When A New Page Opens


By – Suleiman Murkthar I felt it before I saw it, the beating sound of triumph that pounded through the air. I heard its whistle as it climbed the mountains, swirling and whirling with the wind, it will whisper and it will scream, it will tells us of our yesterdays …

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Move On

Man has the right to choose is isolated on a white background

By – Odey Emmanuel It is like the rising of the sun from the east, lightening up your everyday, and weeks and the many days to come. It is the long awaited epoch to get into the mood and do those things right, the one you probably fell short of …

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Cultivating Financial Discipline


By – Andrew MejireEtoh Hello! It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all into a new year. I cant begin to count my blessings, Im so thankful to be alive and despite the harsh fuel scarcity, the festivities was fun. Now for many families, January is a tough month, …

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Letters To Writers


By – Kayode Ipadeola I noticed that some of us were able to hit right during our 2017 write ups, while others were unable to get their bearing. So I thought I discuss few of the tips that had been my back bone ever since. Not just for the academy’s …

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Be A Phoenix


By – Uchechi Iroakazi Compliments of the season. Easy with the chicken abeg! A lot has happened to me this year. The good ,the bad and the ugly. I am in a habit of checking my yearly progress. I regularly check my diary for my success and lessons. Doing this …

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Making Daring Moves


By – JamylahYusuf Hello Everyone, trust we are enjoying the holiday season and in crossover mood for 2018. As usual, a lot of people have been posting resolutions for 2018 on their various social media pages. Half of these people didn’t implement the resolutions they made in 2016, in 2017. …

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Before You Say I do Part 2

Just married couple, holding hands and walking in nature

By – Andrew MejireEtoh Hello everyone, it brings be great pleasure to say Merry Christmas, hope you all have a wonderful time, because in my little way, I did. Back to our previous discussion, there are many things you should consider before you say I do. You see, at some …

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Safety First


By – Odey Emmanuel The time is already upon us. As you journey to and fro remember that only the man that breaths can eat, or dance, party or make merry. Always keep in mind that plethora of celebrations of this kind and more still lie ahead and only the …

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Bring Back Our Christmas


By – Jennifer Ifeoma Ugboh Hey guys Merry Christmas to you and yours. How is it going? I hope yall are having a swell time? What have you been up to? Had lots to eat and drink? Are you purging yet? Catching up with family and friends? Sleeping? Well my …

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