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Financial Prudence


By – Odey Emmanuel A herculean task I must admit, to shut down your loose urge for frivolities and uphold the spirit of maturity and wise spending. This is not a thing of strength or craft or skill, it is a complete show of the matured mind to subject oneself …

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Chapter Twenty Four


By – Jennifer Ifeoma Ugboh When I was a little girl I always looked to 24 as the year. For me, there is so much significance to this number particularly when counting in terms of age. I have no idea why I thought 24 would be significant I just knew …

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Diagnose Before You Prescribe

New-Approach-To-Diagnosing-Anorexia-Nervosa-By-Stages-Of-Severity (1)

By – Pleasure Chizoba Diagnose before you prescribe is a correct principle manifest in many areas of life. It’s the mark of all true professionals. It’s critical for the physician. You wouldn’t have any confidence in a doctor’s prescription unless you had confidence in the diagnosis. This principle is also …

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How To Gain Popularity


By – Crystal Chinonye We all strive to be known, no matter how much we try to deny that. I would love to be popular and I wont deny that. But then, we are scared of some things, of doing those things that will make us popular, of flowing with …

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A Recipe For Disaster


By – Kayode Ipadeola I look at relationships this days and all I can do is shake my head.. Ladies have been a key contributor to sudden ending of an affair. They have been the thief robbing themselves of happiness in a relationship and their own cause of constant heartbreak …

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Award Shows

Stage fright

By – Richard Dappa For a second lets talk about award shows, I want us to think about it for a second, why pick people who have been outstanding in a field and call all but one a loser. It’s funny as I am not the only one publicly complaining …

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Free-up Your Mental Space


By – Uchechi Iroakazi Above all things, guard your heart. For out of it flows forth the issues of life. The bible Your mind is like a garden. Whatever you plant in it, grows and yield fruits. If you want yummy fruits, then you might want to consider the quality …

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Where There Is A Will; There Is A Way


By – Odey Emmanuel Determination is the vehicle that drives people to destinations their feet would not take them. It is the architect that builds houses on water. A heart that seems eager to fly when everyone wants to crawl. It is the heart that sees success when every one …

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