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Key Steps in Staying Motivated


According to the bible the end of something is way better than the beginning and that’s because it’s how much you can hold on to something worthwhile that truly accounts and not how you started. So how do you stay motivated and dedicated to a project in the midst of …

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Inner Peace; Let Go Of The Baggage


The past always calls..always. It’s never where you think you left it. But then again we don’t have to answer because it really has nothing new to say…. That being said, you don’t know just how much baggage you carry around until you come across your ex who broke your …

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8 Quick, Fun & Healthy Breakfasts; Food Matters


By – Mahogany Obodozie I’ve noticed a reoccurring habit amongst Nigerians above the age of 16 years old. Most of us start our days without having breakfast. This is a bad habit, as skipping breakfast can set you up for overeating later in the day. When you have a healthy …

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5 Ways To Ace a Your Next Interview


An interview is one of the most vital step in getting either the job of your dreams, enough cash to fund your own business or just about enough money to fund the kind of life that you want to live. So it is one thing we can’t ignore no matter …

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Friday Night Of Horror, One To Remember

Young woman with horrified expression, posing in studio, portrait

By Chinenye Okoye Chike had been so drunk and I hated him for it. We had headed out earlier that evening to cool off after a stressful week and what better day than a Friday after it had rained heavily, perfect timing. Ah!, a change of scenario I thought to …

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5 Ways To Stay Safe in Lagos


Lagos is one crazy city with countless opportunities for people to succeed legally and illegally. And while there are 1000 ways to get into trouble in Lagos, we have decided to come up with 5 ways to stay safe in Lagos Avoid Unnecessary Site Seeing: The street of Lagos are …

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Knitting; Teach Your Children The Forgotten Art

This Shutterstock image #2910885 was downloaded on 5.21.07 for HSW: KNITTING THE EASY WAY 823775

Ah! the strong feeling of Nostalgia. I just remembered how much I used to love knitting years back and guilt suddenly replaced nostalgia because I realised I had let the hustles of this world sweep me away from some of the little things I had passion for…things like singing, but …

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Here Are 2016 Latest Inventions That Will Shape Lives


Brilliant innovations are being made every day! This list of inventions made this year would definitely blow your mind. Thinx Period Proof Underwear Produced by Miki & Radha Agrawal and Antonio Dunbar both from USA & Sri Lanka respectively, Thinx period proof underwear has the ability to absorb blood.The company …

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