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New Study Says, Marriage Might Help Cope With Cancer


  A new study has shown that being married offers a better chance of surviving cancer than being single. According to the research, It was discovered that single men with cancer had a death rate 27 percent higher than it was for married male patients while the death rate for …

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Photo Of The Day

Believe (1)

  If you have ever been negative about everything or have failed to believe in yourself, then you might want to relate to this; “It wasn’t long after I left my place of work than it began to drizzle, the sky was clear and the downpour came as a surprise many. It …

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Marriage: The Utopia For Women?

A woman showing off her new diamond engagement ring. Focus on the ring.

‎Once upon a time, a woman’s place was in the kitchen, beneath a man, not meant to be seen. Basically, they were anywhere but never equal to a man. Hell, a woman couldn’t even get a property without being tagged a prostitute. Because she’s a WOMAN and her place should …

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Please! Let The Fuel Scarcity Continue


  Oh yes, I wish the fuel scarcity lasted a little bit longer and before you start stoning me with gallons and fuel tankers give me a few minutes of your time. Let me take you through why I feel this latest round of fuel scarcity could be a blessing …

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Simple Ways To Manage Your Time On Campus


A campus environment is known for its excessive influx of activities depending on the kind of life you have programmed for yourself. There are church, classes, social events, assignments, political activities and a host of others too numerous to mention. Generally, there is a preconceived notion that there is so much …

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5 Ways To Prepare For Life After School


Getting into college is amazing, you get to meet new people, expand your horizon and get some needed freedom. Amongst other things that are not academically related and then after a couple of years. It’s time to graduate and you are fazed with the reality of making it through life …

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Albinos Ecounter Challenges In Schools

albinos-1 (1)

  Challenges facing children born with albinism have been ignored for so long which has made it aggravated from an albino child being bullied in school to killing of albino children in some parts of Africa. Here is a writer who illustrates some of these problems. Read the article below; …

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DIY Thursday: How To Make Mango Ice Cream


Compliments Efikoites! It is kitchen time! and we are going to delve into doing a  little bit of practical, ensure you do it yourself whenever you can. If you have noticed like I did, Mangoes are currently in season right now, and these juicy, delicious fruits are loved by many, …

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