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Business Ideas For Students

By – Crystal Chinonye


In my first year as an undergraduate student, I had everything I needed from my parents, my bank account was always a pleasant site to behold and I had little or no worries, it continued this way till a day came when I sat to think of my life and how I was going to continue depending on my parents. This happened when I was in my 3rd year. If I were studying four year course, I will have a year left to graduate to face the realities of life, it was a decision making moment for me as I immediately made up my mind to do something so that I can earn my own money and gain that financial independence.

Another challenge emerged afterwards, I was stuck deciding which business to start, I sought people’s opinions and most of the things I was told required huge income and I wasn’t having much as at then; I continued seeking for ideas till a day came when a friend said to me; “Nonye, I really need to wash my clothe but I’m tired, I wish I can get someone to do the washing for me”. Being a good friend, I volunteered to do the washing, it was during the washing that the idea came up. “So I can actually wash clothes for students and get paid?” the idea struck me immediately and I took it up. After washing the clothes, I brought them in, ironed them and gave them back to her and asked her if she had more so I could was for a fee, and she obliged, that was how I started my small laundry business.

Are you stuck? You need financial freedom or you need to start up something but you have no capital, you can venture into laundry business. Many don’t like washing and need people to do that for them, why not do that and get paid? Given, stressful as it may, it pays well and you need just your bucket, detergents and iron to start this business. Awesome isn’t it? You may not have a washing machine now, but you can start off using your hands and in no time, you can get a machine and expand.
Secondly, for the brilliant students, you can venture into writing assignments for others. Yes, everything is all about entrepreneurship, and the gift of a man maketh way for him. Lollzzz!!! If you are brilliant, and can cope with it, you can start writing assignments for students, term papers or projects. You don’t necessarily need to write exams for others, you may be caught ooo.

Finally, if you have a system, what do you use it for? How can you sit back and watch your roommate go to the cyber to type something, when you can do the typing and get paid? Your neighbours go out to type their assignment, yet you have a system, why not do the typing and get paid for your job, with time, you can get your own printer and expand.

I am an ardent believer in starting small and growing especially when you don’t have a reliable income source that will enable you venture into business that requires large capital for a start. You can look at the things you have, the resources available to you and find out how to earn a living, making use of them. Business, is wonderful!

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