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Business Ideas For Students

By – Blessing Ijama

A large portion of Nigerians bear the brunt of the current economic situation and the various Nigerian  students across the country are not an exception. The average Nigerian student  have a lot to deal with ranging from textbooks and handouts, educational materials, tuition fees, accommodation etc and not to mention the normal flexing  on campus. The little  stipends the students receive from home can only sought out some of these issues and we find out many of them are in constant want of one thing or another. Hence more often than not they end up borrowing from their fellow course mates and end up in debt.

There’s a popular saying; “a stich in time saves nine” you can get yourself out of debt and also live comfortable as a student if you engage your spare time in something useful. Today I will dishing out some useful business ideas that will help students make extra money to augment the stipend they receive from home and also improve their earning potential for the future.  However before dishing out these business ideas, there are some factors you need to consider.


First, your business idea must be  simple and also require minimal start up cost. Try  to target an idea within your existing skills.

Time factor

Your education is your first priority, thus never chose a business that will consume your time thereby making you neglect your studies. You can opt for a seasonal business if you cannot manage your time properly.

Quality service

Any business idea you chose you must be able to deliver quality services to your consumers. Quality service comes with referrals with is very vital for any business to thrive

Market Research

It is very important to do a research before you commit to any business to any business idea. The level of competition in your line of business should be properly  checked out and should  never be overlooked.

Now that you are abreast with the factors that can make your business successful, here are some of the business ideas for students that can help them live comfortably in school


A lot of money  can be made  from tutoring especially since the value of education and a sound academic background cannot be overlooked. Offering your academic strength for sale is one area you can never run at a loss. It is a win-win business. You can start by offering your services to friends and close associates on campus. With time referrals will start flooding especially when they know how good you are with it. You can also help this business grow by advertising using flyers and social media platforms.

Cleaning services

If you are willing to embrace manual labor you can establish a campus based cleaning service. Most students have a reputation for being lazy when it comes to cleaning their rooms and doing laundry.  You can tap into such market by offering your services to them.

Hair making/Men’s hair care

This is another area you can make money from. Virtually every girl on campus makes  their hair, hence you can offer  you service to them at a subsidized rate so as to  attract them to you. Same goes for the  men’s  hair care.

One thing about all these  business ideas being suggested is that they leave you with a lot of time to pursue your academics and at the same time make extra money for yourself. Don’t  wait until  it is too late a stitch in time  definitely saves nine. I wish you the best.

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