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Bring Back Our Christmas

By – Jennifer Ifeoma Ugboh


Hey guys Merry Christmas to you and yours. How is it going? I hope yall are having a swell time? What have you been up to? Had lots to eat and drink? Are you purging yet? Catching up with family and friends? Sleeping?

Well my Christmas has pretty much been all of the above, I travelled to Kwara state to be with my sister, she recently moved to Ilorin and I havent seen them in a while. Its been loads of fun for me, being away from Lagos and the stress of work alone is comforting in itself, so I guess I can say that I am having a very merry Christmas.

Looking at my nephews and nieces put me in a reflective mode though, their excitement and care free disposition had me remembering the good old days and what Christmas felt like when we were children. We had a great laugh last night just recalling all that we used to do as kids during Christmas and how things were so much easier back then.

The new dresses, shoes, the inter-compound/neighborhood fireworks fight, the visitations that left us richer with crisp bank notes (even though those were always collected from us), and most importantly the jollof rice and chicken. Am I the only one that misses what Christmas felt like when we were kids? Those were the glory days.

Christmas used to be my favourite time of the year right after my birthday, and now its just another holiday and another glorious opportunity to pack in some much needed rest or maybe pack in a few punches all day at the petrol station while struggling to fill your tank.

Christmas used to be so magical but adulthood has revealed a grim reality, one that we were oblivious to as kids. Maybe we were too young to understand what was going on, things were probably not half as bad as they are right now, but Im hopeful that someday soon, we will get to experience the joy of the season again.

So as you celebrate with your family and friends this yuletide, lay aside all worries that burden you and just lose yourself in the wondrous magic of the season. And while you celebrate, dont forget that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas even as we begin to countdown to the new year. XO!

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