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Beyond My Ability

By – Joyce Paulsen


Hey guys, it’s another beautiful week. It’s been a mixed experience for me already. Monday was really a great day; I achieved so much at the office but today was quite different. I spent most of my time staring at the workload on my desk with little desire to do anything but discipline must prevail as I must give account of my days’ work to my boss.

While thinking about you today, yes YOU, this caption dropped in my heart, ‘Beyond My Ability’. I really do feel you need to hear this at this time.

Have you felt like you are continuously going around circles in your life, seeing too many of the same things, having almost the same experiences every other year, flocking around the same set of people and achieving almost the same set of goals with different sentence construct. If you are currently feeling this way, then your experience is similar to that of the Israelites whom God told had encompassed the mountain long enough.

After drafting my goals for March till June few days ago, I discovered that there was nothing truly exciting about my goals. I felt I have been having goals that no longer stretch me, instead, I set the same goals in different ways. While pondering, I mentally pictured a rubber band. When you want to use the rubber band to hold together a large piece of material, you must stretch it in order to accommodate more and the stretching must be gradual because quick stretching could lead to its damage. It dawned on me that that it was time to stretch beyond my ability. I have so much underestimated my ability and that has kept me at a level. It’s time to believe in the deposits in me and put them to use.

Hey, I simply want to let you know that you are beyond where you are. ‘Oh, I can’t do this, I can’t do that, it’s not my kind of thing, my personality won’t let me do this or that’. Those are the excuses given by lame people. YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE. Dearie, right now, look at yourself in the mirror and tell you that there is more to you than meets the eye. You are powerful beyond measure, very intelligent, a masterpiece, you are smart, wise and intelligent. See dear, there is no measure of success you can’t attain if you will it but you must go beyond your ability.

Here’s what i want you to do- Imagine the things you would want to achieve, those intimidating dreams and goals that do not in any way match your current position/status. Now, make a decision to do whatever positive it is going to take to arrive there. I promise you that it won’t be easy or rosy, you might be discouraged on some days, you will be greatly inconvenienced and it might cause a total shift in your daily activities. But will it and draw strength from within. That dream is POSSIBLE only if you decide to stretch beyond your ability.

I love to see you shine because you are a STAR! Ride on! Don’t give up!

I Love YOU!

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