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The Best To Love Your Partner

By – Crystal Chinonye


To her, the love was not enough. She makes food for him, does the groceries. Even the laundry, yet she still feels her love is never enough. She keeps complaining that she does not know what to do to prove to Gerald that she loves him. To her, he loves her so much and does so much for her, she can’t explain neither can she quantify this love. On a daily basis I listen to her talk about the love and how much she is willing to give to reciprocate this love, on the same note, I also listen to her talk about herself, how she feels bad about her supposedly big head and flat nose and how she wished she’d change them to look better. One of the days we were having a conversation, I asked her a big question because I wanted to know, it was quite obvious, but I just needed to hear from her. She was complaining of her nose and head and I turned around and asked her “Do you love yourself?” expectedly though, she said NO! Then I got the issue clear, I simply told her that she can’t love anybody enough if she doesn’t love herself and she should not expect anybody to love her if she does not love herself. She was curious and wanted to know why and the explanation I gave to her is what I will be giving to you.

If you have been in the position where you feel you are not doing enough to reciprocate your partner’s love, check well, you may be having some self-love issues. Yes, I said so. There’s are some things you deserve as a person, and you are expected to get it, so, don’t feel somehow when you get the things you deserve. You deserve to be treated nice. You deserve to be treated like a king/queen which you are, don’t feel they are giving it to you because they are doing you are favour. When you love yourself enough, there are ways you should be treated by people, when they don’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated, you will definitely know.

When you love yourself enough, you will not demand to be loved, you will command love. But when you don’t love yourself enough, the reverse becomes the case, there is no amount of love you will give to anybody that will ever be enough for you, you will always feel you need to do more when in actual sense, you are getting what you deserve.

I asked my friend to love herself enough and see the good about her life, her head and her nose. The good she has failed to see in herself will turn to the worse everybody will notice. When you fail to acknowledge and love yourself enough, people will not love you, even if they do, you will feel they are doing you a big favour when in the real sense, they are not.

I’m sure, you’d be expecting to get a list of things you’d do to love your partner, sorry dear, the best way to love your partner is to LOVE YOU.

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