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The Best Excuse For Quitting School

By – Blessing Ijama


The journey of life begins with a step but sometimes after taking the first step it becomes difficult to take the next step. Encountering difficulties along the way is not enough excuse to make you give up, sometimes those difficulties are nothing but propellant catapulting you to where you ought to be.

Gaining admission into the higher institution is one of the most indescribable moments for most people. The euphoric feeling of being called an undergraduate is akin to someone high with narcotics. For me I made sure I  celebrated my matriculation with pomp and pageantry. A wide grin  covered my face for each picture I took. But matriculation was just a step the main journey was yet to begin. In my little journey through the higher institution I found out not all that started the race with me ended it.

I had a friend, I knew her during my medical screening we became very close friends. Ene is a very good cook, Ene’s food always takes me to cloud nine and I usually joke with her that when I get married she will not visit me because she might steal my husband via her sumptuous meals. Ene’s  parents are not well to do, so she practically struggled to buy books in school.  In 300 level Ene started changing, she barely comes to school and each time I call her she’s always giving one excuse or the other. Eventually we lost communication and I heard from Ene years later.  She quitted school due to financial crisis her family was facing. I couldn’t blame her, she had a thirst for knowledge but she couldn’t quench that thirst due to financial problems.

In my final year I took interest in a 100 level student. Becky looked very promising in that she was intelligent and very smart. By the end of the section Becky was already the best student in the department. I was down cast when I found out Becky quit school. She got pregnant in school and her parents disowned her because she decided to keep the baby. At first she tried struggling by herself to push through school  but it became impossible when she delivered. She had no option but to quit school.

Ene my friend made a wise decision by going back to school again after working for years as a school drop out. The money she saved while working she used to see herself through school and today she’s a graduate. Becky on the other hand is trying tooth and nail to gain admission so she can start all over again. She had made two attempts  but the admission is not forthcoming yet she
hasn’t given up hope.

Quitters can never be achievers,  no matter the challenge always strive to overcome it. The school is not the only ground for challenges, quitting school solves nothing. Life would always throw fire balls at you,  what you do with those fire balls is up to you. Do you want to sit still and get consumed or do you want to use the fiery ball to create a walk way to your glory? The decision is yours to make but remember quitters are never achievers.

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