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Beating The Average

By – Andrew Mejire Etoh

Hello efikos, I trust you all are having a swell time? Its another day in Naija and the drama never ends. Anyway I would like to use this medium to appeal to all my lovely readers; if you ever find yourself on BBN, BBA, BBL or any reality TV show and I get invited as a celebrity guest, pleaseeeeeee don’t say you don’t know me or you will be next on the eviction list. So since I have cleared that, I’ll proceed to the topic of discussion. Back in secondary school I developed a certain unhealthy habit a little while into every school term, procrastinating on school work, not taking my assessments particularly seriously and then the usual last minute preparation during examinations which sadly made me an average student. Of course I knew I could do better, but i guess I had gotten so used to settling for average and that was pretty heart breaking for my parents. At some point I began making quite the effort to break out of this habit I had developed as I found myself lounging in mediocrity and a breath away from failing. My test scores and examination results came back with 51% C and hardly a 60%.

Beating the average requires some serious effort; first one would have to reignite his or passion for excellence and really strive to achieve it by working hard and smart. If you are finding yourself in a new school or work environment, you may find your environment really overwhelming and easy to get carried away by plenty so first, always keep in mind the primary purpose for your being there in the first place; take time to set clear goals and have a clear vision on how you hope to achieve them. do away with any forms of mental laziness that makes you believe you can t do better. Positivity is key, have the mindset of a winner.

It is imperative to know how to work hard and work smart, don’t over indulge in exercises or activities that have little or no bearing with your ambition or goals. they can completely consume you then dislodge your bearings till you lose sight of your primary objectives.

Always have your goals in sight and keep working towards them, don’t be afraid to seek help from professionals, once you erase the belief that every challenge is without a solution, you can commit yourself to doing the needed work. As a student, take your assignments, class work, and tests very seriously, they help build a solid foundation to beating the average. Commit extra effort to studying and practicing because it will only make you better. Finally, never accept failure as defeat, falling isn’t what counts; what count is how you get back up to continue the fight.

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