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Be Yourself

By – Richard Dappa


It was about 6pm and Jide knew she would be passing through the square soon, so he wore a shirt and he was off. He got there by 6:30 and sat in the middle of the square. About 10 minutes later, a group of fair maidens entered the square from the south. All had two sets of wrapper on, one covering their chest and the other from there waist down, they also carried a pot on their head. From where Jide was sitting, it felt like a pageantry was on. He sat close the village well. When they got close, they greeted him and he offered to draw water from the well and fill their pots, the ladies loved the idea. When he was done with a pot, he helped the owner put it on her head so she would be on her way. After the 9th pot, he sat down and indicated tiredness to Amina, the last maiden.

She was the fairest amongst the lot, she had long curly hair, hazel eyes and her lips were always pink. She was also endowed in the chest region and her hip curves was looking like planet earth just got divided by the space in-between her legs. She laughed and begged him, she also promised to visit him later that night. Jide jumped after hearing this and not only did he help her draw water, he took it to her house. Later that night they both met. Palm wine and bush meat was served and they sat on a mat in front of his house.

After hours of some short words and a lot of silent moments, Amina leaned over and kissed Jide on his cheek. She began explaining, every day we find you at the well ready to draw water for us, you always fill mine last. Jide you always stare at me when I leave the well and sometimes saliva drools from your mouth. You are the funniest guy I’ve met and you pass through a lot to see me daily. See I love the fact that you want me to like you but what if I already do. I notice the way your gap teeth shows when you laugh, I see the way you treat your sisters and I desire to be treated like that. The only reason I go to the well is because I know you will be there waiting for me and I love that feeling. I know i’m sexy but you like me for me and I know you will still like me without these things. Jide I saw true love in your eyes and I fell for it. You dont need to do anything more just be yourself and I will be yours. For 30 minutes Jide said nothing, tears just ran down his cheeks, I love you he said as Amina tried to wipe the tears with her wrapper. He sealed the deal with a long kiss and after a while he held her softly like a sleeping child and took her into his chambers.

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