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Be Your Own Boss

By – Joyce Paulsen

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This has become a popular cliché in this generation especially with the hype of starting your own thing. If you pay a visit to the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), you would see a throng of young people registering their new businesses. While I am encouraged to see young people nurture the desire to solve societal problems through their business ideas, I am more concerned with the sustainability of the business. If you carry out a little research to check statistics, you will be amazed that a very high percent of start-ups do not survive the first year. What could be the problem? My goal is not to proffer solution to this alarming rate of business failure, especially for start-ups, but to bring a different dimension to this truth.

Yes, I like to see young people venture to start their own businesses but I don’t think everyone must start their own thing. We are gradually losing the culture of service and no one wants to be under another but everyone wants to be their own boss. Please get me right, I have no challenge with an individual choosing to start his own establishment but I am concerned about his preparedness.

I am an advocate that everyone must have an entrepreneurial mindset in order to attain relevance but everyone mustn’t have his/her own establishment to be relevant. While some entrepreneurs are motivated by the prestige of being a CEO/MD or an employer of labor, some others are motivated simply to be problem solvers.

Currently, I work with a Federal Government parastatal and I am also my own boss. Know that I don’t have a personal company or business but even as I work in an already existing establishment, I work with an entrepreneurial mindset. I do not wait to be told what to do but I take initiative. I look out for problems I could solve, I am conscious of the needs around me that I could meet, I set my personal office goals monthly, weekly and daily, I think through the existing systems and processes in my office and offer a proposal to my boss on possible adjustments and I seek out general ways to add value to my office for the achievement of organizational goals and objectives.

My message to you my dear is that you can work with an entrepreneurial mindset regardless of who owns the business. You don’t have to wait to have yours before you learn how to create and run a business. Start from where you are by understanding the goals and objectives of the organization you work with, give your thoughts to your work, engage your mind in what you do, seek out problems and stretch yourself to solve them and go beyond your job description.

Kill the mindset that says, ‘when I have my own, I will do this and that’. Every action or attitude you are expressing in your current workplace is a rehearsal for mastery. Don’t think you can come to work late now but you will change when you have yours. That’s a huge lie. Ask some married couples who thought their character would change when the ring slipped through their fingers, they would tell you that they are battling with the same issues even now amplified.

Life is a rehearsal for mastery. Decide wisely your actions of today if you must have a predictable tomorrow. Entrepreneurship is NOT a position but a mindset. Become an entrepreneur today. Relevance is not a product of visibility but functionality. I don’t need to see my liver or kidney to know its relevance but I experience its functions daily. Serve from where you are and see how relevant you would become.


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