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Be Human, Be Real

By – Odey Emmanuel


In a complex world such as the one we live in, where perfection is the cry of every man, where perfection is in such a high demand and the frailties, fragilities and shortcomings of man so soon forgotten, we cannot but be who we are. The truest nature of man is not in the many times he attained the height of unequal or untold perfection, the total truism is in the sheer vulnerability of men. The idea of reconciling with who you truly are, the human in you, without having to fake a smile or force a tear.

We live in a world defined by perfectionism: the belief that things and people can and should be flawless in all that they lay their hands to do. In this world, failure is seen as disaster you cannot afford, faults are magnified irrationally and people are kept on their toes. It is the world we have forcefully come to embrace without a choice or will. The need to act without blemish has seen us more often than not wallow in the drowning waters of failure and ill- success.

We get into relationships and get out because the people were not perfect for us. That they didnt synch with the kind of people that we are becomes a reason to label them as imperfect thus, a valid reason to throw them away and head on for the perfect one. We forget so quickly that in the world of love, emotions, feelings and affection, perfection is an alien idea so that, the understanding that love is recognizing the faults in whoever one is attracted to and embracing it the way it is without necessarily having to mock and fight at it every now and then. In fact, it is the gross acceptance of these shortcomings that the line of love is drawn. Embrace the man or woman for who they are and watch them gradually become the who you want them to be.

However, it is pertinent and most paramount to point that a search for perfection and absolute righteousness is akin to searching for a man that is yet to falter in his everyday association with men. Now, the irony of the whole saga is that the man in search of this mirage in perfection is as culpable as the next man; he is as a matter of fact, guiltier than the saints he hopes to recruits.

Some of us, in the bid to look good and appeal to the other man or woman, pay for expensive cosmetic surgeries to look gorgeous and perfect we get too worried that we are not living our best or fulfilled life while ignoring the uniqueness that has made us truly different from every other person around us. We must also understand, while digging deep in lingering search for the impossible, that perfection is a pipe dream, and chasing the dream is a deadly trap that can take the best of us and leave empty shells behind. In the pursuit of being flawless, we set ourselves up for disappointment and frustration. Even worse, it opens the door to bad mental health.

Life would not be life without failure, imperfections and limitations. Its time you gave yourself a break from self judgements and cuddle the entirety of your imperfect self for perfection, even for robots sometimes falls short.

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  1. Good job Odey

  2. Always the witty man

  3. There is a uniqueness about the way you write man. Keep it up

  4. Nice job Odey

  5. No man is truly without blemish

  6. Always always on point

  7. Great piece of writing

  8. My dear you always rock

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