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Be A Phoenix

By – Uchechi Iroakazi


Compliments of the season. Easy with the chicken abeg!

A lot has happened to me this year. The good ,the bad and the ugly. I am in a habit of checking my yearly progress. I regularly check my diary for my success and lessons. Doing this helps me plan better and execute wisely too. In as much as I was really excited about the goals I achieved, I also felt bad for those I didn’t actualize. In fact I allowed myself wallow in regret for a long while. But then what does regretting over lost time offer me?

Today’s article is more of an encouragement than anything else.

You may not have achieved all your goals, you may have made a costly mistake, or lost money carelessly. Whatever it is that didn’t quite go well for you this year, can change. You can be on top of your game again. Everything will turn out right again, the moment you make up your mind to win. You are capable of much victory and success than you can imagine. See, your mistakes or unachieved goals shouldn’t weigh you down or cripple your mind. They should be lessons of what not to do, or how to do things better. People fall everyone and then, but people who want to win, get back up. I know you have chosen to get up.

There was a time in my life everything seemed to go wrong. I couldn’t even get a grip on myself. It was a bad time for me. I failed an important promotion exam, I lost relationships, I even lost money. Phew! It was really a heart-aching period. Well, I fought through the negativity and chose to get my life back. I thought to myself “mistakes can’t keep me bound. I am born to soar” I learned a vital lesson; Nothing is too strong to weigh you down, except you let it. You are that powerful.

I care about your progress and welfare. You are a champion, a conqueror. I tell you this, no matter what stage you are in life, no matter what mistakes you’ve made, rise! Get back on your Feet. You are capable of exuding all the greatness within you. Today, choose to see the winner that you are.


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