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Balancing The Precariousness Of Our The Country

By – Suleiman Murkthar

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Growth they say is the only irreversible change, the one thing that keeps going on and never drops, sometimes it falters but its keeps climbing anyways, it keeps moving, persistent like the moving train, and it sickening to note that our growth is creeping rather than climbing, that our growth is suffering from the disease of inequity and seeming inequality, that our cries and yearnings are of the saddening ripple effect that we have drawn in ourselves, the inability to look beyond us, our selfishness, our greed and most of all, our inhumanity. We forget so quick that long before we were tribes and religious fanatics we were humans, we were cave men and handy men.

The thing about Growth is that it has to maintained and nurtured, lest growth grows into the wild, we have to respect that since we have come to find ourselves in the margin of error, this thing called identity, the umbrella of a lie that we have come to create, the lines we have drawn the stories of distinct separations that we have conjured, the foolishness of nothingness in our words and hearts, now that we are here, we have to by all manner of grace and virtue learn the balance in our circle of life, learn to respect the boundaries of the next man’s taboos and the appraisal of another man’s kingliness.

In the many years we have been as an entity, a sovereign state, we have uncannily moon walked our way through life, telling ourselves the white lie that tomorrow be better, , a tomorrow that we lack a hindsight for, a tomorrow that we don’t plan for. One in the words of Lord Fredrick Lugard we lack proper apprehension of. Lord Lugard in his opinion of the average Nigerian and African will write in his article “The Dual Mandate” he will explain the average Nigerian as one who is thriftless and oblivious, one that is indiscipline makes his decisions in the heat of the moment without proper thoughts of repercussions and moral justice. He says that we lack organizational capacity and love to showcase our powers. While lord Lugard may have been a bit harsh, some may have said that he had predicted the Nigeria of today, the Nigeria we live in, in this contemporary world where we are supposed to be evolving past the pettiness of our desires.

As we move by the day, I see a proud country, a country that will break off its restraining shells into a greater society, one that shall someday elude its confines of restraints to greatness, one that will stand atop the clouds and be looked upon with great pride, I see a nation that its citizens will its country first before ethnicity, for the things that separates us as infinitesimal to the things that binds us. We are Nigeria’s first, we are greater together. There five fingers on a palm and five on a fist, let’s stand strong, together.


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  1. Nice work Murkthar

  2. Nigeria needs to unite

  3. United we stand divided we fall

  4. Fascinating piece of work

  5. Really cool man

  6. Let’s find a common ground and make peace

  7. We will be great again.

  8. You re the reason I think writers are some sort of prophets out to proffer solutions

  9. I see you murkthar .
    Your wrtiing is one style I like

  10. One love, one nation

  11. Good piece of thought

  12. Great words I believe in Nigeria
    I believe in her growth I believe in our unity
    Long live Nigeria

  13. This will serve as an inspiration to many. Weldone!

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