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Award Shows

By – Richard Dappa

Stage fright

For a second lets talk about award shows, I want us to think about it for a second, why pick people who have been outstanding in a field and call all but one a loser. It’s funny as I am not the only one publicly complaining about this even Kanye did during the MTV music video awards in 2015. Award shows happen every day, consciously and unconsciously we organize them, vote and sometimes even call the results. I know at this point you are wondering How?now lets do something odd together. I know in my last post I said going back in time can be regarded as life wasting but I think this time we are permitted as it will help our future. I think this started when we were little kids, you know when we all gathered at the field to play ball, 11 kids to be shared into two teams. Remember how the chooser had the toughest decision to make when two people were left, most times the person chosen at the end is picked not because he is good but cause he is loved by the chooser.

Now let me take you to another junction as we cruise down memory lane. My mums soup is the best now I know am not the only one who said this a million times when we were kids. The argument I could not just stop having especially with my best friends. Before I go any further lets look at this two incidents because I think they relate to the modern day award show.

What I see in common amongst all this incidents is the presence of sentiment in our decision making process. The captains of the teams were supposed to be the best two players on the field but because somebody brought the ball he was selected. This one really cracks me open when I think about it at times, but it is obvious why sentiment has to be there. I may not have eaten from your house but because it is my mothers soup, I just have to tag it as best. Sometimes, people dont really care when they judge, they just look at the individuals on the chopping block and choose based on what they presume or know rather than the ability or works of that person. We are asked to choose the best but who choose who we love. Lets play a game, we alone have to go a day without organizing any award show, dont call out the voting results, dont even vote, lets do this and share our experience via the comment box below. It will be nice to live in a world where there is nobody to call the best, nobody to tag the best, where everyone appreciates whoever is making waves in his field; be it one or a million people and most importantly were I dont have to look back at my work and regret just because you said he was the best.

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