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Automating Inspiration

By – Peters Lois


As a budding writer, it was somewhat difficult to maintain a certain pace and consistency in writing. I tried all I could to maintain the flow of inspiration, but all to no avail. Just like money, you can’t hold unto it by grabbing it but by understanding the principles that attract wealth. So I could go months and months without writing, which was hampering my growth and I blamed it on writers block. Series of writers training I went for, didn’t help me, because all they proffered as solution was to be consistent. And I’m like, how can I be consistent without inspiration on what to write? How do I break the jinx? Because, unless I feel a surge of inspiration, I don’t write.

Not until I learnt the art of mastering and automating inspiration. My writing gift grew from just ordinary to a honed skill. I have come to agree beyond every reasonable doubt that, there are principles that under guard our life experiences and if one must experiences certain turn around in their lives, then they must key into or submit to certain undeniable principles.

Have you ever noticed that at one point or the other, whenever you get into the presence of certain of your friends, you come out either inspired to take on life and do more or you just simply leave them all washed up or deflated?

Ever heard the saying that places don’t make people, people make places? This is so true, as we as humans, are constantly releasing energy, which builds up to a force field that either permits things to thrive or not.

Environment, is one of the important factors that affect our inspiration. And by environment, I mean both the physical and the atmosphere you create.

Two important things makes your environment: the relationship and circles you entertain and the information or thought flow you permit.

Being mindful of the kind of circles you always entertain or are found in, can determine whether or not you flow in inspiration. There are people who have made it their point of duty to release words that discourages you and stay in that environment long enough, you’d see yourself discouraged and a loser. Because of course, they say show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.

When you also consistently feed of information from books or any other material that promotes negativity or impossibility, it is only a matter of time and you’d believe and act as though nothing is possible.

But if you can consistently manage and  control where you are found, the friends you keep and the things you read or feed on, you will successfully control inspiration or the flow of it.

It might seem hard a thing to do, but my dear, your life and destiny is at stake. If some relationships will have to go, please let them go. If you must stop reading or listening to some kind of things, please stop it. Because your life and success, depends largely on the force field you have generated around you!

And remember, if life must be successful, then living must be intentional!


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