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I Dont Pray To God For Money

By – Lois Peters Say what?! Yeah, you had me right, I dont pray to God for money. I didnt get the opportunity of spending the Christmas or New year with my family. It was the first time ever this is happening. Our baby has grown my mother thought to …

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Que Sera Sera

We Are What We Take

By – Suleiman Murkthar There is a form of sheered wisdom in experience, the being of the moment, the need to escape. The realization that there is nothing superfluous about our existence, nothing in its extraordinary sense that actually tells us that we are mighty or small, smart or otherwise, …

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Secret Ways To Be Happier In 2018

By – Kayode Ipadeola Beyond the merriment that accompanies the dawn of New Year, it’s like a ritual for people to wish for, pray towards, hope for and draw up a plan to have a better year than the previous one. At a popular bar this previous Sunday, I sat …

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Be Human, Be Real

By – Odey Emmanuel In a complex world such as the one we live in, where perfection is the cry of every man, where perfection is in such a high demand and the frailties, fragilities and shortcomings of man so soon forgotten, we cannot but be who we are. The …

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Teach Your Children About Sex

By – Uchechi Iroakazi Hello dear. Howdy today? Hope your day is going pretty well. One of the most awkward conversations you can have with your child is on sex. Its uncomfortable both for the parent and child. Naturally, most parents tend to shy away from talking to their children …

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The Secrete Is No Secrete At All

By – Suleiman Mukrthar There is beauty and magic and power in the now. Realize that you’ve outgrown your past and it’s time to let it go. Look upon where you’ve been as merely the prologue to the epic story that is your life. The best gift you will ever …

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Physical Fitness

By – JamylahYusuf Hello Readers. I hope the year is starting off on a good foot for you. Lets talk about physical fitness this week. Regardless of if you are a team fit-fam or not, this article would be of benefit to you especially if you are a student or …

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Have A Fat Purse This Year

Have A Fat Purse This Year

By – Uchechi Iroakazi Hello dear. How are you doing today? Im particularly excited about this year, because Im certain it will pour out amazing opportunities for you. However, Im sick and tired of not having sufficient cash to fund my projects. Where does all the money in the world …

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The Man That I Am

By – Odey Emmanuel I know its a new year and the year is obviously young, so it has become common that the cloches of resolutions and New Year attitude we want to wear for as long as the year breaths on. Some of us have come with resolutions akin …

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Financial Turn Around

By – Kayode Ipadeola How do I save when my salary is not enough?   It obviously took some time and certain mindset for us to get ourselves into the financial situation we are in currently. Getting out will obviously require a different mindset. You cannot dig yourself out of …

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