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Its Almost Time; New Year New Me

By – Jennifer Ifeoma Ugboh


I woke up tired this morning, I seriously dont want to adult today, I just want to be on a beach somewhere basking in the sun with a book in my hands, with absolutely no plans for the day. But alas that is not the case, Im right here, slaving away on my computer because man must chop na, abi no be so? Come to think of it I have been feeling extremely lazy for about two weeks. Its like my brain has gone on vacation and my body is seriously struggling to keep up.

I think this extreme laziness Im feeling has something to do with the month of December. There is just something about this month, maybe it is because it is the last month in the year and our brains somehow understands this. Or It be the constant partying and jollification that happen all through the month of December; there is no week in December that one party or the other doesnt hold. This week its a wedding, next week its a reunion or the office party the next week and a music concert the next get it? All these constant partying and jollification is enough to put the brain in vacay mode so I have decided to not be so hard on myself and simply ride the wave of laziness

While December might be a month of peculiar laziness for me, it is a month of deep reflections and self assessment for some others. Most people take the time to look back on how far they have come over the course of the past eleven months. This is the time where most start to talk about major life changes like cutting off toxic friendships and unhealthy relationships, leaving dead end jobs and careers, starting over on a clean slate and what not. You hear things like this New Year will be different; things will not be the same in the New Year, and the popular sound bite New year, new me

I have always marveled at this statement, does it mean the New Year comes with a magic wand – like the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus that was spoken about in the holy book? Is there like a transfer of a new body, spirit and soul at the strike of the clock? Because the new year still has the same regular 24 hours like the previous year, there will be no supernatural increase in the number of hours the days in the new year has, nor will there be any extra day(s) added to the week. Nothing really changes if you ask me; its still you, doing the same things, making the same decisions, acting the same way. The only difference is you are doing all of these in a new year, so in reality the only thing that has changed is the date on the calendar.

So can we stop with the whole new year, new me line? We have been hearing it over and over again its beginning to sound like a broken record. How about you make that change now? Cut off that toxic relationship if it no longer serves you; leave that job if it no longer fulfils you. Why wait for the illusion of clean slates that the New Year gives? You can do whatever you want at any time if you set your mind to it and that is the truth, so make that call today.

On that note, let me be the first to spread some Christmas cheer your way, have yourselves a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year in advance.

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