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By – Uchechi Iroakazi

Alcoholism is an uncontrollable dependence on alcohol. Usually, there is a huge craving to drink alcohol and almost an inability to stop when started.

Alcohol in moderate amounts is not bad. However, in excess alcohol can be harmful. Here are some of the things excessive consumption of alcohol can cause.
 Damage to the liver
 Damage to the pancreas
 Anxiety
 Damage to the kidneys
 Mental health problems
 Heart problems
 Cancer.
 Malnutrition (alcohol can cause one to lose appetite.)
 Lack of sleep

Most times people take alcohol in excess to drown their sorrows. Even though it gives a high for few hours, it never provides a lasting solution. Alcohol abuse, poses other threats in ones social life Such as; backing out on responsibilities and goals, pushing away important friends, family and well- wishers.

What can be done?
Alcoholism can be corrected, under proper management, care and supervision of a health professional. Dont be discouraged if you cant help yourself. It may take time, but taking a step in visiting a health facility is one way to start your recovery journey. Mistakes happen, but you can take responsibility by aspiring change and actually working towards it. As soon as you recover, your story can be an inspiration to people who are going through the perils of alcohol.

Moderate drinking:
Alcohol is not bad in moderate consumption. For your safety, ensure you dont consume too much. Your health is important if you are going to work out your dreams. Life has no duplicate, please lead a healthy lifestyle, and drink moderately.

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