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Rented Life

Rented Life

By – Kayode Ipadeola This past months, idleness had made me tried unlocking many deals of life that I didn’t lock. I’ve tried really hard to understand why some things are just the way they are, but in each surface of a seem-like solution, i get lost and confused the …

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Festivals; Old Ways Vs Truth

By – Linda Ibeh When I was little, my favorite time of the year was Christmas. Not because of the clothes or food or the holidays but because we always travelled to the village and there was always an EPE (masquerade) festival going on. This festival was what made Christmas …

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A handwritten book report is given an F for poor work.

Poor Performance: Understanding Why

By – Blessing Ijama The most dreadful day in the life of a student is the day their report cards are been collected. It’s akin to judgement day, the day of reckoning. Sweats rolling down, heart thumping and we become awfully quiet and religious. We offer prayers to all the …

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Break Through


By – Joyce Paulsen The word ‘Breakthrough’ has become a household name as it floods every billboard on the street. I have noticed that everyone desires to experience breakthrough in their lives. People are seeking for something more than their present circumstance. Some search consciously while some others are unconsciously …

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Public Health Awareness on Meningitis

By – Andrew Mejire Etoh Meningitis is an inflammation of the meninges. The meninges are the three membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord. Meningitis can occur when fluid surrounding the meninges becomes infected. The most common causes of meningitis are viral and bacterial infections. Other causes may include: …

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I Need Help!

By – Lois Peters Yes, these were the words that crowned my 2016 through 2017. I kept feeling it, I kept saying it, to anyone who cared to listen. Some of my friends….errhhmmm, acquaintances would say to me, “Stop saying such”, Christian folks who didn’t understand the depth of what …

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nigerian-senate (1)

5 Most Interesting Nigerians In Diaspora

By – Martins Akodo Nigeria, the giant of Africa as it is called is a very interesting nation. Ever since its inception in 1914 by colonial masters, it has never failed to entertain the world with jaw-dropping stories that make other countries wonder about the enigma of their uniqueness. A …

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Mother and Son Reading

Being A Woman Is A Chore

By – Linda Ibeh I have four hardworking female besties. Let’s call them Akisha, Felicia, Kalicia and Jecia. Akisha is one tough lady! A hustler. She has sold everything short of a human to make money and still is selling. She is smart driven, has an 8-5 job and runs …

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Old Room

The Old Room

By – Kayode Ipadeola When last did you visit the old room? I meant your personal own old room? How long did you spend in there? Were you able to make any recent amends? No not! This is it- whatever the past was, it’s gone. There is nothing you can …

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whats your passion

Pursuing Your Passion

By – Blessing Ijama Standing by the mirror I smiled back at what starred at me. My cream peplum blouse sat nicely on my straight black skirt.  I tucked  some stray curls at the back of my head. I knew this was the defining moment for my career, I knew …

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On Education & Diversity

By – Crystal Chinonye As a science student way back in secondary school, I was perceived to be very intelligent as well as many science students despite the fact that many of us were barely intelligent and had little or no knowledge on what science was all about. Arts students …

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25 Million Naira Wins; What Do You Do?

By – Andrew Mejire Etoh Disclaimer: The content of this article is solely to entertain and so does not constitute any real ideas Hello Efikos, the wave of #Efenation in what I consider the highest rated African TV reality show climaxed and came to a pleasant end 9.00pm Sunday 9th …

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tough boss

How To Deal With Tough Bosses

By – Blessing Ijama Today Tonia my flat mate came home  looking dejected “I swear Ij am quitting my job, I so swear down” she said to me immediately I opened the door for her. “ so beans face has started again, don’t worry we will lure him to Lagos …

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Cultures That Will Definitely Shock You

By – Uchechi Iroakazi Primarily, culture is a people’s way of life. It encompasses their belief system, way of doing things and their tradition. In recent times, Education has rendered some of our culture inactive. However, in some places, the advent of education did little or no work at all. …

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