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Best Ways To Keep Kids Busy This Holidays

By – Blessing Ijama Nothing equates the joy of being a parent. Watching your child grow, taking the first step, pronouncing the first words perk up all kinds of feeling you never thought you had. As fun and loving the company of children can be, sometimes we parents wish for …

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Time Management; The Mythconception & The Reality

By – Crystal Chinonye   Few years back when I became more intentional with living, I began to channel my energy on more important things and that act alone increased my level of productivity. While I still engaged in some extracurricular activities, I wasn’t underperforming in class, matter of fact, …

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Low Self-Esteem; The Experience

By – Lois Peters Hmmmmmmm… Yeah, there’s need for the long exclaim. Because this is a topic I’m very familiar with. I mean, I know what it means to have low self-esteem and hide under the cloaks of shyness. I grew up in the suburbs. Being the last kid in …

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By – Linda Ibeh In all spheres of life and according to how nature has decreed, you will come across all categories of people I’ll mention below. I am not writing to warn you off them or to “sham” some or “expose” them, this is just for entertainment and for …

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Organize Yourself

By – Uchechi Iroakazi My people, my people. How una dey? This one na ogbenge package oo. This tori na for una wey get better dream and aspirations for mind. As you dey read this special information, i pray say your life go better. And make you realize say na …

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Mine Your Own Gold

By – Uchechi Izoakazi Chineye is a vibrant young lady; a combo of beauty and brains. Her grades never fell short of “A’s and B’s.” When she graduated from the department of Accounting, at the University of Port Harcourt, she did so with a Second class upper. Like every other …

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Take Responsibility

By – Joyce Paulsen As a young girl, the word ‘POOR’ was defined to me as Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly. We live in a world where people see and accept their circumstances and situations as fate and not as their responsibility. This has birthed the victim mindset in a lot …

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Tips For Surviving Studying Abroad

By – Andrew Mejire Etoh Hello everyone, I trust you all had a splendid weekend? I’ve thought about all the possible ways I could write this article, so I decided to write it any way. Today I will be taking you through a few survival tips, now in case you …

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Evolution Not Resolution

By – Kayode Ipadeola Have you ever notice how challenging it is to follow through to your resolution? In just a blink and poof its gone. We braved frigid temps and shudder – Xmas day. Up next? And on top of all this quickness and occurrences we still have to face …

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Of Short Forms & Shortcuts

By – Lois Peters Normally, I had no ish with folks who write short forms. As a matter of fact, i used to write on short forms too. In fact, i think i championed the course at some point. And then, Nokia torch phone didn’t make it very easy to …

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The Best Excuse For Quitting School

By – Blessing Ijama The journey of life begins with a step but sometimes after taking the first step it becomes difficult to take the next step. Encountering difficulties along the way is not enough excuse to make you give up, sometimes those difficulties are nothing but propellant catapulting you …

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Education Vs Schooling

By – Joyce Paulsen As a young child, my dad always told me that I was going to become the doctor of the family. So I looked forward to becoming a doctor every day as my dad kept on emphasizing it. It was only natural that when I entered into …

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