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Old Room


By – Pleasure Chizoba How many times have you sat at your desk and tried to focus on a task only to find that your mind is wandering? Despite your best intentions, you just cant concentrate. Weve all been in this familiar frustrating situation and its something that can really …

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The Road

By – Suleiman Murkthar Every scar told a story, every tear scratch and patch. The road spoke in words unlike men, it will come in the singing swirling sounds of the wind, it will come with the dancing trees, the swaying grass that lies on the sidewalk. It screams in …

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About Failure

By – Nina Esperanza Here are a couple of things nobody will ever tell you about failing {like trying over and over and failing} [1] Failure bores its teeth deeper than anyone will ever know. [2] After a good number of failures there is a high possibility youll grow bitter …

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The Shadow

By – Linda Ibeh The shadow is the unknown dark side of ourpersonality-dark because it tends to consist predominantly of the primitive, negative, socially or religiously depreciated human emotions and impulses like sexual lust, power strivings, selfishness, greed,envy,angeror rage, and due to its unenlightenednature, completely obscured from consciousness, whatever we …

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When You Get To Rome

By – Crystal Chinonye Over time we have heard it said over and over again, When you get to Rome, behave like the Romans but I will rather tell you When you get to Rome, behave like you. it could be quite difficult to adhere to my instruction especially in …

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The Root Of All Evil

By – Kayode Ipadeola In norms, a great amount of focus is placed on those with the belief that money is not evil. Some view this encouragement of money as a promotion of selfishness overlooking the true meaning of the hard work-that-paid-off and its underlying messages that motivate diligence. In …

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Rewarding Determination

By – Joyce Paulsen Its always an exciting week for me each time I begin my week with challenging but definite goals and end my week achieving them. Mehn, I feel high. Theres just that feeling of fulfillment and confidence that follows goal accomplishment. Well, that was my experience last …

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E Don Dear; Its More Expensive

By – Andrew Mejire Etoh A few days after Onajites relocation from the north back to the city of Warri, he sets out with the dual intention of getting acquainted with the environs and locating the closest major market, he strolls down the road and boards the local commercial tuke-tuke …

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Oribim; The Series; Part 4

By – Richard Dappa So you people want to act like you were working all day abi, not possible I will tell my brother everything that has happened today. A cold breeze enveloped me when I heard this from her and before I could proceed to beg her, I heard …

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Body Shaming

By – Jamylah Yusuf ‘you are fat o! ‘,”you no dey chop? “, ” I don’t like fat girls “. ” He looks like he has aids”. We say all this and more. Sometimes, it is our idea of small talks or making a conversation, or even a honest opinion …

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bill gates

Leader’s Manual

By – Kayode Ipadeola Many desire to wear the cloak of kings but few can stand under the weight of its burden. The privileges of power beckon with promises of wealth, prestige, protection, and authority. But power is an apple whose core is poisoned one bite too deep and all …

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city life

Lagos Living: City Life; City Lies

By – Jennifer Ifeoma Ugboh I always say to my friends, family and anyone that cares to listen that Nigerians are the problem of Nigeria. I usually say this without mincing words, because I have experienced a lot to back up my claim. It drizzles a little and the cost …

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Oribim; The Series; Part 3

By – Richard Dappa I was still in the kitchen, when I heard a knock on the door. I rushed to check who it was. We were sent from ACA plumbing services, we believe this is number 30 sultan avenue they said. Yes, please follow me, so I would show …

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The Brand Called You

By – Crystal Chinonye Every individual is a brand. You dont need to own a business before you start building your brand. As a person, you are a brand and the best to do is to build your brand, to build your person and develop it with everything in you. …

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